An unexpected journey to the electronic city

10 th September 2012 :It was all of a sudden decision to attend the Cisco placements held at Bangalore Amrita campus. All I knew was that I have to reach there by next day morning  8:30 am. Me and my friend Revathy were really happy to hear that we’ve been the few eligible for the placements to be attended. Soon, I called my brother, who could arrange me tickets to Bangalore along with his classmates. Hats off to that CyberSecurity wing of Ettimadai campus for the entire journey.
It was by 6:00 pm , we started from Ettimadai Campus. We got a train to Coimbatore by 7:00 pm. The ‘we’ includes me, Revathy, my brother, and his 7 classmates. After getting down at Coimbatore , we had our dinner. It was my first dinner with my brother outside my town and it was indeed very special. Then we walked to the Coimbatore private bus stand to catch our bus. The bus was scheduled at 10:30 pm and we had some one and half hours of time to spare at the bus station. This seemed to be the later important moment of journey. The same day, we had came to know about IBM placement results. Me and Revathy were pretty disappointed in not getting IBM. She was telling about one of her roommates(who got placed in IBM) with whom she always had dreamt to work with. At that time she asked me that whether there is any purpose for our Bangalore placement visit. I had no clue in my mind and being optimistically I told, ‘Lets hope for the best. Only god knows what may happen tomorrow’. Then I asked her , ‘What if we get placed tomorrow?’. It was a joke moment for both of us because we both knew well that ,it wont happen. Time went on as we were speaking about the journey. Bus came right at 10:30 and we get in. On the way, we were discussing of the very next day’s placement procedure. I was comforting  myself and her by my optimistic approach.

By morning  4:30 am , we reached Bangalore and sooner we reached Amrita campus Bangalore. After an half an hours official procedures, we got our rooms. By 8:00 am, we were all ready wearing the formals and had our breakfast. By 8:30 am, the official procedures of company began. The first round began by some 9:30 am. After the test my friend told me, ‘Lets cancel tomorrow’s ticket and leave as soon as possible, there is no chance of hope’. But when results of this round were announced mine and her name was there. Also my brother’s classmate Agosh was also qualified. Sooner we moved to Interview round.  Mine was not so fine round but was in  good mood for others. Then we had a GD round and me had a good time at this stage. After this round, HR manager told us that this was the end of placement procedures and asked us to wait for results. When the results came, my name was not there in the list and I found my other two friends been recruited. That was a tough time to bear with. The journey back was full of lost feelings. This I felt contrasting. I went Bangalore with no much hopes, later by each rounds I developed my confidence. And atlast, I finding my name nowhere.

Later after one week of interview, I received a mail confirming my full time offer. Thus an unexpected journey to the electronic city had its value.

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