Nov 6, 2012

A temple of its beauty

Long back in books and epics, i have read about worshiping the tree is equivalent to worshiping god. It was only in words until I visited Oachira parabrahma temple, a few km away from Kayamkulam,Kollam District.It was a temple known for its simplicity and ofcourse very famous for the festivals and celebrations. Usually I watch this temple from outside on my way home but never could get down in my first three years of Btech career. When I awaits my bus to home, I finds people who stops their cars near the temple, and offers their money to the hundial near by. Not only cars, many lorry drivers, tourist vehicle drivers and all offer their earning in this hundial. I had always wondered why this much belief had been there for people passing by. But no one would believe that the interior of so called temple is simple and so natural.

It was recently when I went with my friends to this temple, which makes me pen down a few words about its specialty. The temple idols are placed at the bottom of trees, and it seems as if the tree is worshiped as god. All the offerings to god was natural, the garlands, milk, coconut water and all. The temple have a cool and devotional atmosphere all around its premises.  

The deities were all the usual one, but a temple with a unique feature of open worship and natural offerings brings thousands everyday to this temple. As many other temple, this temple too provides food for the needy ones and is been a shelter for many a people. The betel garland was the one which attracted me the most. It was looking grand and simple in its beauty. The temple can claim that their form of offerings are eco-friendly as well as 'greeny'. The temple offerings are not done by priests but there doesnt seems any question about its sincerity in their offerings.
History says that, One fine morning onwards Lord Shiva and Parvathy's face were resembled by the leaves of one of such big trees. Believe it or not, I would like to consider it as Tree been given the resemblance of god literally or mentally. With strong base on its roots and wide enough leaves and branches to give the shades, any one would like to enjoy the beauty of these trees and the power of deities resting on its shades.

It was a nice experience for anyone who visits this temple, if you haven't been to any such 'natural' temples.Thus my visit to this temple have been a fantastic experience and I would recommend everyone to atleast feel what I share as a "Temple of its beauty"

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