Dec 19, 2012

A simpler way to custom your files in ubuntu

I usually work with lot of files related to my project,  majority of them being .c or .cpp files. I always have to right click,open new document file and then type all usual headers like
using namespace std;
. . . 
This used to make things boring. Then one of my friends shared a new way to custom your templates. Just thought of shring with you all. Its a kind of common pattern used my professionals to make their files look elegant and customized.    There has been a folder called templates in ubuntu(/home/user/Templates). There you can create your custom templates.   

Step 1   Right click there to create a new file and type what all you need for your frequent usage.    

Step 2   Now save the file  as required name and extension.     
Now see the magic. Just right click to create a new document(You can right click where ever you wish,not only the document folder as shown). You will be surprised to see your custom made file too, there in the list of Create New Document.     
So simply select it and you can have all your frequent code part typed in it already.  

So similarly, if you want many different varieties of customized files, repeat the same and save them as new names. This can really help one in easy coding as well as in customized manner. Then you needn't want to paste your name and the frequent codes into project files again and again. Hope you all will like this way of customization.

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